Flip Flop Cake Pictures


Flip Flop Cake Pictures

flip flop cake pictures

    flip flop

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52.45 – Bra face cake!

52.45 - Bra face cake!
This is what the lovely lingerie girls gave me as leaving presents. I feel very loved 🙂
I wasn’t expecting anything, maybe a card or a hug. But I got amazing cake and chocolate and flowers!
The bra in the picture is a Mid-length Doreen 😀
(Asda(and Sainsbury’s I think) will print photos onto cakes for you)

Monday: Bank Holiday and a day off! Yay! Sat about at home, possibly tidying?
Tuesday: Went and picked up Amy and drove us to Exeter, where we parked and rode. Unfortunately Lydia was in Barnstaple and not there, but we did manage to find Meg and have lunch with her during her break (she commutes from Taunton). We looked about and investigated Debenhams. I bought some strange foot tube things that stop you getting injured by flip flops. They’re not the most attractive things, but neither are great big rubbed patches. And they were only 75p for 2 pairs…
We saw an evangelist (with American accent and a megaphone) and gospel choir in the city centre, it was quite amusing but they were talking about local shopping, not Jesus. It was a good idea for promoting local shops, but they needed placards and comprehensible speech to get their message across properly…
We tried to find me exciting pre-raphaelite things to wear at a garden party thingy that I’m going to on Saturday and ended up with a Primark beach dress (?2).
Wednesday: 10.30-5 Kate made nice chicken for supper, can’t remember what else happened!
Thursday: Bought Leibniz Zoo biscuits from the reduced section in the County Stores as a keep-me-going snack. Worked 10-2. Then went to the library to read Which magazine for travel insurance and money tips, and to Tesco for bread. Was really tired and hungry when I got home. And Dad, Kate and Grandma hadn’t eaten the bacon which was going out of date. And I couldn’t smell it to see if it was safe to eat, and it dripped bacon water everywhere. I had a BLCucumber in the end but couldn’t taste it very well because of my (still) blocked nose 😦
Friday: Mum went to London to see Anna by bus. 1.05-6.05. Sheila gave me a goodbye cuddle as I wasn’t going to be working with her again. I bought travel insurance.
Saturday: I went to Tesco on my way to work and bought Celebrations (big box for Saturday and a little one for Sheila on Monday) and Peach Schnapps for the evening. Worked 8.50-3.20. Julie turned up early so I wasn’t on my own at all which was nice. I got viciously attacked by a staple so I have a rip across the back of my hand now. When Hannah came in at 2 they all gave me my presents! Clearly not slacking.
When I finished I went back round to make sure my strapless bra was right and pick up my cake. I took photos of the others posing behind the counter and pulling faces like the models in the display photos 🙂
Thennn I went home and changed, had supper and went out again. Drove to Meg’s and got ready/had a few drinks there, then (rather later than intended) Amy drove us into town where we met Abby and Hannah from work. In Perkin we bumped into the creepy old cleaner who’s obsessed with Hannah (ohfun!), then we saw a fire engine outside Debenhams on our way to Mambo. Meg’s ex-boyfriend and his friends were all there celebrating someone’s birthday so we joined in. After a while we decided we’d had enough for the night and Amy dropped us back at Meg’s house.
Sunday: Had a very nice breakfast with Meg. Then decided to go home and see Mum (who came back on Saturday evening) instead of embarking on a big trip to the beach (Lyme Regis). Had barbecued things & salad for lunch, made flapjack in the afternoon. We went to the pub quiz and didn’t do as well as last time, our (4/5) family team came 5th or so.

Luau/Palm/Tiki/Beach Cake

Luau/Palm/Tiki/Beach Cake
Closer frontal view of the palm tree cake showing extra detail of the suntanning towel, beach ball , sunglasses and flip flops all made from fondant. Main picture of the cake is also in this photo set.

White cake with whipped buttercream frosting, gumpaste flowers, gumpaste palm tree, fondant sign, fondant monkey, tiki torches are royal icing and pretzels, tiki hut is cupcake and pretzels, fondant beachball, towel, sunglasses, flipflops!

This cake took a full week to make all the pieces and sugar work. 8 hours baking time for the cakes. One of my most detailed cakes!

Served 60 people.

flip flop cake pictures